Sharon L Williams 07/18


Pender Island B.C. July 27-Aug 3, 2018

Instructor: Sharon Lynn Williams A.F.C.A.
Experience this 7 day adventure boating to remote locations around Pender island, British Columbia aboard Grand Banks 36 “Mistral”. Cruise past arbutus-lined shores with killer whales, eagles and seals as your companions. Each day spent under the instruction of acclaimed painter Sharon Lynn Williams learning and practicing plein air painting principles and techniques.

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Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item
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Workshop Overview

Plein Air Painting with Sharon Lynn Williams is scheduled from July 27-Aug 3, 2018

I’m expecting this workshop to fill up quickly as our maximum is 10 painters.

Tuition includes 5 full days of instruction and painting 1 day of final critique and hanging the gallery opening celebration show, accommodation, boat transport to Plein air locations, welcome dinner, stocked breakfast and lunches to prepare yourself and daily prepared BBQ dinner at WhaleKum Inn, coffee, tea, water (in studio and on board LeMistral Trawler.  Participants must bring their packed lunch each day.

Tuition does not include transportation to and from Pender Island, transportation while on Pender Island, and all other activities.

Depending on the accommodation type the total cost of LeMistral Painting Workshops range from $1,985.00 to 2,385.00

Our Maximum number of painters is 10 however we can accommodate up to 12 persons in case partners would like to take a holiday on Pender Island. There are activities such as sea kayaking, sailing, fishing, hiking, whale watching and golfing.

Accompanying Partner = $1000.00

About Sharon Lynn Williams

Artist Statement for Plein Air Oils

I have developed a passion for painting in oil ‘en plein air’ as I long to escape the confines of my studio and connect once again with nature. I am always surprised by the sense of wonder I feel, and the spontaneity and honesty the paintings reveal. I love the spiritual connection I make while the wind is blowing through my hair and the sounds and smells fill out my senses. In my plein air work I try to capture what interests me the most in a scene and put it into an compelling design; focusing on simplifying shapes and filling them with interesting colour. My desire is that my paintings will transport the viewer into my pictorial world to connect with the majesty of Nature as I have done.

Sharon began her art education in 1979 but soon had to set it aside to raise her four children. Back in Calgary in 1992, she resumed her art education by attending Alberta College of Art and Design for 2 years as well continually attending workshops by noted international instructors.
Sharon is fluent in almost all of the art media, embracing the challenge of learning art in all its many languages. When Sharon is not painting, she continues her love of teaching, having taught for over 2 decades, and now travels throughout Western Canada giving workshops on her watercolour, oil and mixed media techniques. She has produced 2 instructional DVD’s, as well as a book about her plein air oil painting. Sharon is a signature member of the Alberta Society of Artists (ASA), International Plein Air Painters (IPAP), and the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA). Her work is found in Alberta at the Leighton Centre And Palliser Art & Framing in Calgary; Centre D’Arts Visuels in Edmonton; Evanescence Gallery in High River and Just Imajan Gallery in Cochrane. Visit her on the internet at her website or on her ‘almost daily’ art blog at
Sharon’s paintings reflect her interest in surface texture, value and colour. Her interpretations of the beauty around her, whether figurative, landscape, floral or their abstracted essence, as well as her vivid imagination make for an eclectic and varied body of work. Whether in her studio or on location, Sharon creates works that she hopes will reveal God’s creative majesty. The viewer is encouraged to investigate the multitude of subtle layerings and colour effects in the paint, as well as the layers of meaning in her work.

Supply List for Plein Air Oil Workshop by Sharon Lynn Williams

Oils: I use Artist grade oils of different brands, as there are some colours in that I prefer in one brand over the other. My preference is to work from a transparent wet underpainting and then go on top minimally with opaque colours. This lets the white of the support shine through giving truly luminous paintings. My current oil palette is below (NOTE: essential colours are indicated with a *):
Indian Yellow (Gamblin)*
Quinacridone Gold (Daniel Smith) or Transparent Orange Oxide (Rembrandt)*
Transparent Red Oxide (Rembrandt or Graham) *
Transparent Red Medium (Rembrandt)
Permanent Rose
Sap Green*
Phthalo Turquoise (Graham)*
Ultramarine Blue –any*
Cobalt Violet Hue (Georgian)* -this is an inexpensive student grade paint that is indispensable on my palette!
Cad Yellow light (Graham)
Cad Yellow (Graham) *
Cad Orange (Graham)
Cad Red Light (Rembrandt or Graham) *
Titanium White (Graham or any brand that has a mix of titanium and zinc whites) *
Naples Yellow
I will bring some of my ‘magic’ colour (Shiva Ice Blue) to share with you.
Pochade Box with tripod or French Easel or portable metal easel -I use a 10×12” Open Box M Pochade box on a camera tripod, but there are MANY options out there. Please call me if you want to discuss options! If you use a French easel or metal easel, you will need a palette to mix your paints on. This gets pretty messy to transport, which is the value of a pochade box! You can bring a Stay Wet palette box or an empty pizza box big enough to hold your palette if you cannot get a pochade box.
Umbrella (if at all possible, but not mandatory –it makes a HUGE difference!) with some way to attach it to your easel. I use a “Best Brella” but

there are others out there also. I just think the Best Brella is the best deal for an excellent painting umbrella.
PLEASE TRY OUT YOUR GEAR BEFORE THE WORKSHOP!!! Nothing like getting to a workshop and not being prepared to work.
Masonite/harboard panels –sizes 8×10 or 9×12”. You will need 2 per day. Please prime them BEFORE the workshop with GAC 100 by Golden (1-2 layers on top and edges to seal), followed by 2-3 layers of good quality Gesso. You can sand the surface if you like a smoother surface.
Medium made of 50% Eco House Odourless Thinner or Gamsol (Gamblin) and 50% Walnut Oil (Graham). Bring a small, tight lidded jar to hold it in

Thinner for cleaning brushes–I use Eco House Odourless Thinner or Gamsol. Place in a small jar with a nylon scrubbie in the bottom, or put in a brush tank.
Brushes –I use synthetic FLATS as well as bristle brushes 3⁄4” to 1⁄4” –bring several of each size. Silver Bristlon is an excellent choice for the synthetic brush. I carry my brushes in a brush tube. You can make one out of a paper towel roll and duck tape the bottom. This will keep your dirty brushes from getting paint all over your backpack!
Shop towels or Viva paper towel, baby wipes
Painting gloves -I wear Atlas Nitrile Gloves #370. These washable gloves are cool to wear and protect your hands from paint and solvents. You can get these at hardware or garden stores. ( Gloves/dp/B001BVG7JK)
Small plastic bags for used paper towel
View Catcher * this is an essential tool! ( viewcatcher/? PID=3347886&Ref=CJ&source=affiliate&CID=2616505&Publisher=Connie+Nelson&Blick_affiliate =2616505&CA_6C15C=520010530000135334#description). If you Google “View finder for plein air painting’ you will get some home made options. Just make sure that the opening is proportional to the dimensions of your painting panels.
Wet Panel Carrier to transport your wet paintings back to the Inn and back home. I use small cork or plastic circles that you can get from a framer (used as bumpers for the bottoms of frames) to separate my paintings and then sandwich all the bumpers boards between 2 pieces of foam core. This ‘sandwich’ is then taped together with masking tape.
Small sketch pad and soft pencil for value studies
Paint shirt, hat, sunblock, bug spray :(, polarized sunglasses (I prefer the amber coloured ones as they do wonders for the colours in the landscape!) Collapsable Portable stool if you like to sit to work

Dress in layers –prepare for the weather -we will go unless it is supposed to be pouring rain all day!! Try to avoid brightly coloured clothes which will reflect onto your painting. Wear OLD CLOTHES!!
Backpack to hold all this stuff in! You will need to walk short distances to your painting locations.
PLEASE feel free to call me with any questions @ 403 862 6952 or email me at