Perry Haddock May 19-26, 2017


Pender Island B.C. May 19-26, 2017

Instructor: Perry Haddock S.F.C.A.
Experience this 7 day adventure boating to remote locations around Pender island, British Columbia aboard Grand Banks 36 “Mistral”. Cruise past arbutus-lined shores with killer whales, eagles and seals as your companions. Each day spent under the instruction of acclaimed painter Perry Haddock learning and practicing plein air painting principles and techniques.

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Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item
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Workshop Overview

Plein Air Painting with Perry Haddock is scheduled from May 19-26, 2017

I’m expecting this workshop to fill up quickly as our maximum is 12 painters.

Tuition includes 5 full days of instruction and painting 1 day of final critique and hanging the gallery opening celebration show, accommodation, boat transport to Plein air locations, welcome dinner, stocked breakfast and lunches to prepare yourself and daily prepared BBQ dinner at WhaleKum Inn, coffee, tea, water (in studio and on board LeMistral Trawler.  Participants must bring their packed lunch each day.

Tuition does not include transportation to and from Pender Island, transportation while on Pender Island, and all other activities.

Depending on the accommodation type the total cost of LeMistral Painting Workshops range from $1,836.00 to 2,190.00

Our Maximum number of painters is 12 however we can accommodate up to 16 persons in case partners would like to take a holiday on Pender Island. There are activities such as sea kayaking, sailing, fishing, hiking, whale watching and golfing.

Accompanying Partner = $1000.00

About Perry Haddock

Like a jazz musician who improvises, integrating freedom of expression with well-honed skills, a plein air artist strives to capture a moment, an expression of “being there”. This workshop is designed to build on fundamental skills, allowing the artist to approach subject matter with confidence and freedom.
Too often, as painters with a blank canvas in front of us, we approach with trepidation, worrying that we need to “get it right” with every stroke of the brush. That approach often produces “tight” paintings, where detail overrides the big picture, colour accuracy overrides value, and “reality” overrides “impression”. This workshop will challenge painters to experiment and improvise, gaining confidence through practice. We’ll paint a lot, with the end goal of learning to be loose, lively, and expressive.
Perry will do a demo each day, and also some practice exercises, using them as an opportunity to talk about fundamentals of design and composition. Afternoons will be spent with participants painting on site in different locations, followed by group critiques.

Suggested Equipment and material list.

  1. General:
    • A dozen or so small canvases or prepared boards. 11×14 is a good size, with perhaps a couple of larger ones such as 14×18.
    • Portable easel
    • Sun umbrella
    • Sunscreen
    • Water containers
    • Paper towels
    • Spray bottle
    • Stay-wet palette (optional, but useful)
  2. Full Palette:
    1. Transparents
      • Indian Yellow
      • Green gold (Stevenson is the most transparent)
      • Dioxazine
      • Violet
      • Quinacridone Violet
      • Transparent Red Oxide
      • Quinacridone Burnt Orange
      • Pthalo Blue (red shade)
      • Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold
    2. Opaques
      • Cadmium Red Light
      • Cadmium Red medium
      • Cadmium Yellow medium
      • Cad yellow light
      • Yellow ochre
      • Pthalo cerulean blue
      • Pthalo turquoise
      • Hooker’s green
      • Titanium white
  3. Mediums:
    • Black gesso
    • Acrylic medium
  4. Brushes:
    • Bring what you have, being sure to include a few larger ones. I use a favourite 1 ½ inch flat, but also other flats from ¼” to 1”.