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LeMistral Plein Air Painting Adventures offers participants the opportunity to share and experience the adventure and joy of plein air painting at remote locations only accessible by boat in the Southern Gulf Islands, one of the New York Times’ 52 Places to Go in 2016. You’ll experience the sights and sounds of the spectacular West Coast, welcomed by the orcas, dolphins, seals, eagles, otters and cormorants! We’ll cruise along the arbutus-lined shores en route to remote daily painting locations and at the end of the day we’ll kick back at the WhaleKum Inn, enjoy a nutritious and delicious meal while sharing our plein air experience and preparing for the next day’s adventure. This will be a plein air painting experience like no other! Experience the magic of the Southern Gulf Islands and the joy of learning from Master Plein Air Painting Instructors. We know you’ll want to return next year!

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  • June 2017

    Testimonial – Le Mistral Painting Adventures

    Dear Kathleen & Rob,

    Every artist routinely seeks inspiration. Le Mistral Painting Adventures far exceeded my expectations and has provided me with renewed creativity and exciting subject matter for many months to come.

    After a long, dreary and dismal winter here in Vancouver, I was more than a little desperate to rejuvenate my spirit and so signed on to the inaugural Le Mistral Painting Adventures on Pender Island. I looked at numerous other painting “workshops” from Mexico to Italy to Ontario in order to “escape” but there is no place more picturesque or magical than the coastal islands of British Columbia and Le Mistral was offering far more than a painting workshop – it offered a painting “adventure” in the southern Gulf islands.

    To be able to cruise through the islands on a beautiful boat on a sunny day was extra special. Add to the mix the ability to explore and paint from a new location every day, an excellent painting instructor to challenge our brushes and our ideas alongside some charming painting companions and the days flew by too quickly.

    Lest I not forget, - the food, the food, the food… superb recipes to test every day [the cobbler, the feast of wild salmon, the bar-b-que ribs… to mention a few]; - the Whalekum Inn situated between two bays on the ocean – perfect; - hanging out on the decks overlooking the ocean sunsets over a glass of wine … and finally, sharing all of this experience with the wildlife- the eagles on the trees above the Inn, the sea otters sunning themselves on the rocks by the boat, the whales cruising by, the seals, and yes, even the raccoons eyeing our lunch on location . A magical afternoon I shall long remember is the mother deer with her very new babies [twins I think], which spent a whole afternoon with me, chewing her lunch and watching me paint only a few feet away.

    So … thank you for creating this magical and inspirational adventure. Thanks also to inspiring new friendships and new adventures. I wish you and Rob and all of your crew every future success.

    Robin Timms

  • Instructor Perry Haddock
    May 27, 2017

    As the instructor for the inaugural Le Mistral Painting Adventures plein-air workshop (May, 2017), I would like to thank you, Kathleen and Rob, for the incredible opportunity to benefit from your organization and preparation, energy and enthusiasm, and just plain dedication to making it such a fun and successful venture.
    From an instructor’s point of view, it was a relief to have you look after all of the organizational details—from the meals, (and what great meals!) to the accommodations, to the boating and shuttling, and even to the wind-up feast. Your hard work and sense of fun—and that of your dedicated staff-- allowed me to focus on instruction and mentoring of the students, knowing that we would head off in the morning with a full breakfast and a packed lunch, painting supplies loaded aboard your boat, ready for a day of plein-air adventure at one of the sites you’d scouted for us. Later, after a relaxing boat ride home, we were eager to share and critique our day’s efforts, enjoying a cool drink on the ocean-view deck, before sitting down together for a wonderful dinner in our well-appointed accommodation. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but honestly, it doesn’t get any better. Thanks so much for the opportunity.
    Perry Haddock, SFCA
    Federation of Canadian Artists


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Orcas at Pender Island